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Jack Daniels Flag Mistaken as ISIS Banner

Jack Daniels Flag Mistaken as ISIS Banner

An Italian man was reportedly asked if he was an Islamic State sympathizer after his neighbors mistook a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey flag for the black-and-white terrorist insignia of ISIS.

The unnamed Italian hung the whiskey distillery flag outside his home in Regensdorf, Zürich, only to receive an anonymous letter from “Concerned neighbors.”

Flag of the Islamic State, not Jack Daniels.

“Should we be afraid of you? First the Italian flag and now the black flag of death. Are you an IS sympathizer?” the letter asked.

“I fell from the clouds when I read that,” the incredulous 29-year-old told Swiss rag 20 Minuten. He asked his neighbors who had sent the letter but, unsurprisingly, none of them ‘fessed up.

This could be because the unnamed Italian man plans to sue whoever wrote the letter for libel. The man has refused to remove the flag on the basis that this would just prove his idiotic neighbors right.

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20 Minuten

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